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Upcoming Album - A Past Yet To Come

I wrote an album in my last couple of years in Melbourne before moving to Berlin. I had hoped to release it sooner, but things didn’t quite transpire that way. Perhaps I should have taken my working title - A Past Yet To Come - as an omen of delays to come. Three years later, I feel a bit strange to finally be releasing it. For one, the music is quite different to what I make now. While I was making it, I felt it would be my great work, my opus. Listening now, it kind of feels like a failure.

The album is somewhat concerned with the function of memory. In particular, I wanted to allude to the process of creating and recalling memories. Musical ideas repeat throughout it, sometimes quite clearly, sometimes in a haze, like a half-forgotten memory. In achieving this aim, I think I have failed. However, it is still an idea that interests me. Indeed, I have started to work on new albums with similar concepts. Also, listening back to the album now, it is interesting how the moss of time has imbued new meanings for me. The album is full of sounds of friends back in Australia, and the house I used to live in. It is a little time capsule of a certain time in my life.

While it may be a failure, perhaps it is at least a mildly interesting failure.

Thank you to Ana Amarós López/Tenger Films for the beautiful video and for putting up with my obsessive nitpicking.

Thank you to Lucy Carasco for the amazing cover, which maybe better suits the album's concepts than the music itself.

Thank you to Markus Radermacher/Ramco and Econore for finally getting the album out into the world.

By time you read this, the album will probably already be released, but I shall confuse the web of time a little by suggesting that you click on the following link, where you can pre-order the album. It can be ordered either digitally or on tape, the best of the pre-digital music formats, or at least the one best capable of suggesting both a clear memory as well as the dusty detritus of old decayed one. More importantly, from here you can also view Ana’s video.

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