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Daniel Craig mines the depths of the audio spectrum. Tangling a web across time, his low drones and high crackles are caught somewhere between stasis and anti-stasis. He is interested in feedback, tape manipulation, no input mixing, memory, audio vérité, non-linearity, decay, greyness, field recording, Max patching, improvisation, thinking about thinking and cats. At times his music has a beat, although in recent times he is more often drawn to beatless abstraction.  By time you read this short ramble, dear reader, he may have found a new set of ideas that quicken his heart, rendering this list an awkward reminder of his former curiosities. 


In Melbourne, Daniel completed a music degree at Monash University, specialising in drums and percussion. For some years he played in various bands around town. A little later he got interested in the loud electronic music booming around dusty festivals in the Australian bush. For a while he made music under the name 'Ripple'. He released a couple of EPs and played at some of these festivals.

Daniel Craig playing live on reel-to-reel tape, image by Sergei Gavrylov

Image: Sergei Gavrylov

Since late 2016 he has been living in Berlin and has been slowly exploring the city's rich experimental/improvised/noisey/echtzeitwhatever scene. In this time, he has focused quite a lot on developing ways to improvise in a live setting. In January 2020 he released his first full length album, A Past Yet To Come. In The QuietusTristan Bath described this as 'a staggering work, intimate in its intensity, intensely careful in its construction, and constructed with an idiosyncratic logic of inspiring originality.'

Daniel Craig Music Home Studio

Image: Manon Scotto D'anielo

Image: Manon Scotto D'anielo

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