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Daniel Craig

Memory Garden


Released: November 2021

        'It is all non-invasive but at the same time not very ambient either, which I thought made it sound like a faded photo from a long time ago. I found this quite a lovely, original take on the whole notion of lo-fi music, now working from a slightly different angle'

           Frans De Waard, Vital Weekly

Daniel Craig A Past Yet To Come

Daniel Craig

A Past Yet To Come


Released: February 2020

       'The low-end obsession, meticulous detail, and sheer scope of aesthetic put into A Past Yet To Come by the Aussie producer is, no bullshitting, breathtaking... Craig’s debut is a staggering work, intimate in its intensity, intensely careful in its construction, and constructed with an idiosyncratic logic of inspiring originality'

Tristan Bath, The Quietus

Daniel Craig Live At Experimontag

Daniel Craig

Live at Experimontag

Released: June 2017

Daniel Craig Lull

Daniel Craig


Released: December 2016

Daniel Craig Ripple Refragmented



Hopskotch Records

Released: January 2014

Daniel Craig Ripple Land Crocodile


Land Crocodile


Released: July 2014

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