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Kukumu, 19.01.24

KM28, 24.11.21

Duo with Lorena Izquierdo, Kühlspot, 28.04.2022

Trio with Quentin Cholet and Kris Kuldkepp, Hosek Contemporary, 22.06.2022

Live at Loophole, 13.12.2022

Composition for painting 'Sin Nombre' by SAV

Organised by Kvasar Gallery

A Past Yet To Come

video by Ana Amorós López

Plantae rumoresque

optics: Tamara Beyrouti 
sonics: Daniel Craig

Exhibited June 2019 at 48 Stunden Neukölln

Live with Grgur Savic, Rieko Okuda, Chris Hill and Sanja Star at Artist Homes, June 2019

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